Jesse McNelis

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

About Me

I'm friendly, honest and reliable. I'm able to work with others and respond creatively to problems. I pick up and understand new ideas quickly and am able to put them in to practise immediately. I have a keen interest in all aspects of software development. I've worked in a team of up to 15 people and down to a team of one.


Work Experience

Developer, Ops, Customer Support at BugHerd (April 2014 - July 2018)

I came onboard at BugHerd just before a fast expansion of the company. I worked as part of a team developing a variety of new versions of the product built on React with a Ruby On Rails backend.

As one of only 2 Ruby developer on the team I was the person most responsible for development of the Ruby backend. I was also heavily involved in the React/Backbone frontends and various solutions to the data layer issues that came up in an early large React application.

Developer at Magian Media Studio (January 2013 - April 2014)

This role involved the development of a CMS for the editing, processing and deployment of content for dynamic touchscreen displays in public spaces. It involved Ruby on Rails, and a lot of UI work in Backbone and React.

Developer at FactoryX (June 2012 - December 2012)

The role involved working in a small team developing and maintaining multiple ecommerce sites based on Magento(PHP) for a number of fashion brands.

PHP Web Developer at Flippa (September 2010 - April 2011)

The role involved working in a small team writing new features and tracking down bugs in backend php code for a high traffic auction website. Code was written in php on a custom in-house web framework, running on Linux instances on Amazon EC2. I was involved in creating features for helpdesk staff to better manage the user base, tracking down bugs as reports came in, and modifications to the auction process.

HelpDesk Support at Australia Asia Centre for Education Exchange(2005-2007)

I worked with senior staff to administrate a network of Windows XP client PCs and Redhat(CentOS) Linux servers. Including web server and email servers running out of a cupboard. I migrated web and email hosting to an external hosting provider.


Other Interests

In my lesuire time I enjoy cycling, brunch, walking, gardening, rocket league, and discussions about urban planning.